My Mission

My mission is to help clients add color and Latin flavor to their look through unique handmade pieces from Latin American fashion designers. A portion of each sale gives back to the foster care FUNDANA.ORG in Venezuela to feed children and also to help women in risky situations.



 What is Fundana?

Fundana is a non-profit foundation whose premise is provide comprehensive care to the population of Venezuelan children, ranging in age from newborn to six years old, who are in a situation of abuse or neglect, due to threats and / or violation of their rights.

We also provide support to women victims of domestic violence and families in situations of social risk.

FUNDANA since its inception has served more than 12,000 children in the areas of medical, dental, psychological, social, and legal care. As well as in the reintegration of children into the educational system or giving them special education and early stimulation, to children who can not be reinserted immediately into the educational system. It also provides attention to the entertainment and fun of children so that they have a healthy and happy childhood.


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