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I love interviewing entrepreneurs and creative people like the creators of SAINT BARTH STYLE (hippie & chic bracelets). Claudia Mijares Vega and Adriana Diaz Serpa. Two women who believe and bet on their country.Claudia and Adriana say that despite of the crisis Venezuela experiences, it continues to be in first place when it comes to innovative proposals.

How did the idea of Saint Barth Style originate?

We noticed the lack of new ideas generated in our country (Venezuela). We saw that everyone was doing the same. Each of us was going through difficult times on a personal level. Claudia was analyzing ideas and new projects and I being a language therapist working with autistic children all my life, wanted to do something different. We came together and started brainstorming.image1-1

Claudia is wonderful with her hands and I have experience advising TV personalities with their image. While I was doing this, I realized everyone was using the same things.

Claudia and I began the search for accessories and ideas until we saw some bracelets that we really liked. They were made in Saint Barth’s island. Right there and then our inspiration began. We started drafts of our own design until we succeeded. “I would love to retire in Saint Barth Island, it is beautiful place and people are elegant, hippie and chic there.” says Adriana .

How did you start selling?

After making thousands of attempts to achieve our own design, we opened an Instagram account and began to post. We were surprised with people responses. We could not believe it. We couldn’t handle so many orders. It was a big boom! Today we have our own style. People identify us as the brand of hippie and chic bracelets.

Do you design for other people?IMG_2281

Just after the Instagram boom, requests from all over the world began to arrive. We have created limited and exclusive lines for these companies.

How long does it take to make a bracelet?

Between 3 to 4 hours. At the moment there are people supporting us, thank G-d, because Claudia could not weave all the orders by herself, it was too much work. Each bracelet has its process. There is one person that weaves, another one that mounts stones and another one who packages. We focus on quality and not on quantity. It is 100% manual work.

How many people work with you?

At the moment we have 8 people supporting us, some of them work from their homes and others in the atellier. It gives us a lot of satisfaction to know that women who work on the streets are now able to work from home and take care of their children at the same time. We feel great helping others.

Do you feel you have encouraged a new style in Venezuela?

Of course, lately many people have been talking about our hippie and chic style. There have been many copying us but we just feel flattered never upset! Our style has stablished a pattern in Venezuelan’s fashion.

New projects?image1-2

We are launching the limited edition of cowboy hats for Ana Karina Manco . The combination of hats and bracelets is to die for. After the hats we will launch the collection of beach shirts with sun protection by Rocio Higuera. We are about to partner with a well-known brand of watches as well. The idea is to bring out a very special collection. We are working on hats for kids and men. There are many projects we cannot share quite yet.

SAINT BARTH STYLE with great optimism and conviction, invite all people
 to create, support and buy Venezuelan design.

How can people get the bracelets?


Also available in the USA at


We are also in: Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Miami, Dominican Republic and now in the USA.


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